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Providing a Harsh Maritime Training Environment
in a Controlled Indoor Facility

About BEI Maritime

BEI is the premier, state of the art maritime training center being built in the greater Norfolk, Virginia area. BEI’s focal point is the 1.4 Million gallon indoor pool and its one of a kind training assets. These include a 110′ three story live fire cargo ship, complete with a 30′ high engine rom to offer a 720 degree range, 30 reconfigurable shipping containers, and multiple “from water” climb heights for boardings. The offshore survival training assets include a 16 passenger Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer, and a Small Craft Underwater Egress Trainer. In Support of offshore wind entering the United States market, a 12′ diameter, 30′ high above the water wind turbine tower will project from the pool to maximize the Global Wind Organization regulated safety training requirements. Atmospheric special effects include continuous waves up to 8′, maritime sounds, winds, lighting effects, rain and fog. Outside will be a three-story marinized firefighting training center. This computer controlled, propane generated facility will simulate a maritime platform complete with engine room, berthing and galley. The BEI campus will include an 80-room hotel and 80 seat dining facility.

The Facility

“Providing a Harsh Maritime Training Environment, in a Controlled Indoor Facility” is why BEI exists! Whether military, government, commercial or recreational… the ocean does not discriminate.  BEI’s facility will provide the atmospheric effects to simulate these conditions, offering users a “crawl, walk, run” approach to government, military, or commercially regulated training requirements. 

BEI will use proven technologies to provide up to 8’ continuous, variable set waves; maritime sound effects; winds up to 50 knots; fog; lighting to simulate any hour of the 24-hour spectrum; and rain.  


Watch Short Effects HUET Dunk Video 

Watch Full Effects HUET Dunk Video 

Note: These sample videos above are courtesy of our friends at the Survival Systems Training LTD in Nova Scotia, Canada.*

Training Sectors

Maritime Law Enforcement and Department of Defense

BEI will offer the 110’ three story cargo ship “Shoot house” allowing users to conduct ship boarding’s indoors. The AR500 steel walls will allow up to 7.62mm ammunition to be used along with shotgun, mechanical, and thermal breaching of replaceable metal doors and hatches.  The ship will feature an engine room with 30’ ceiling height, the large space will have a mock ship engine with multi-level catwalks for a 720° live fire space.  The second deck will be berthing, and the top deck office spaces and ships bridge.

The ship’s hull is provided by a local shipyard and will feature the same hull materials, weld seams, and features used in commercial ship construction.  The hull continues 12’ below the waterline and curve in 6’ providing a realistic hull form for underwater hull training applications.  Additionally, a shaft, struts, and propeller will add additional training features.

Air operations in support of ship boarding’s are made possible via the 25’ x 25’ rooftop platform allowing users the ability to gain access to the ship via the roof top hatch after being inserted via helicopter.  A cat-walk will also run the centerline of the ship below the facilities ceiling allowing users to simulate a helicopter insertion via a ceiling mounted fast rope connection.

Undersea Mobility

A sixty-foot by forty-foot area of the facilities pool will feature an undersea current capable of producing up to a 6 mile per hour current. This feature will support military, industry, and academia undersea training, research & development, and testing of existing and next generation submersibles.

BEI Maritime

Offshore Survival Training

BEI will support The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW); the Global Wind Organizations (GWO) offshore wind safety requirements; Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO) safety training requirements.  These training courses will be phased in and continue to grow yearly.  Key training features BEI will have to accomplish these courses include a Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer (HUET) with Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS); Small Craft Underwater Egress Trainer; 30’ above the water offshore wind transition tower; multi-height over the water platforms; enclosed motor life boat and davit; fast rescue craft and jib hoist to name a few.

BEI Maritime

Campus Services

To add value to BEI’s facility and training courses, an 80-room hotel, and an 80-seat cafeteria will provide a turn-key solution for individual or group travel.  The Currituck Counties municipal airport passenger terminal is located less than a ¼ mile from BEI’s facility.  This airport proximity offers chartered and military aircraft direct access to BEI.  If required, Norfolk International Airport is less than an hour drive. 


Are you open yet?
No, BEI has recently (Spring 2019) entered investor phase, everything else is ready! 

Who is your General Contractor?
P.G. Harris

Who are your architects?
HBA of Virginia Beach

How much will it cost to use?
The regulated training will be competitively priced with industry standards.  For DoD/Law Enforcement use, those prices are being developed.

Can anyone stay at your hotel?
Yes, but students will have first rights.  Other users include the Maple Park Sportsplex on the weekends, and Outer Banks travelers.

What branding will your hotel be sponsored by?
None! Privately owned. We are not a destination hotel, so why pay the 25% fee to have a logo?

Can civilians use the DoD assets like the cargo ship?
Not likely for liability reasons.

Can anyone take the offshore safety training?
Everyone should! Yes

Can Fire Deptartments use the maritime fire fighting trainer?

Why will they come?

  • Required Training

    "I couldn’t find any organization that could offer all of the training requirements that my Block Island offshore wind installers were required to have by the developer.”


  • Safety

    “How many more injuries or deaths do we need before the military starts sending us to BEI?”

    Navy SEAL Chief
  • Required Modules

    “No Global Wind Organization certified company in the US offers the 'Sea Survival' module required to achieve the GWO Basic Safety Training certification.”

    Required Modules
    Virginia Offshore Wind Coalition
  • Valuable Experience

    “I’ve been boarding commercial ships for almost 20 years, now in a single week a new guy will have experienced more sea conditions than me!”

    Valuable Experience
    U.S. Coast Guard MSRT Trainer
  • Risk Management

    “The only way to duplicate what BEI is providing in their pool is actually doing it on the open ocean in those conditions.  While training new guys, this is unnecessary risk we place on these guys when we have a facility like this at our disposal.”

    Risk Management
    Navy SEAL Senior Chief


BEI Maritime

118 Pennsylvania Ave.
Virginia Beach, VA  23462